• Wheatpasting

    As part of our campaign distribution, we ignited a series of out of home placements for our creative, stitching together design and content assets that aimed to peak the interest of Angelenos, driving them to our microsite for more information around this secretive campaign by Nike Los Angeles.

    Downtown LA
    West Hollywood
    Hollywood - 4 Walls
    Wilshire / La Brea Venice
    Culver City
    Century City / Westwood

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  • Microsite

    With all of the peeling layers to our campaign, we built a dedicated microsite to serve as the hub for all information, content, product and event details. We started with a landing page that would support all key US markets, and then built out a fully integrated page for Los Angeles, specifically.

    41,000 Unique Visitors to Microsite
    8,300 People Clicked to “Get Your Pair Today”


    With the Department of Unimaginable rolling into a new town, we needed new staff to spread the word. We engaged with over 20 Los Angeles-based thought leaders, founders, and creatives for a seeding campaign that would generate curiosity about the Department, and build hype for Air Max Day.

    30 Tastemakers Contacted
    21 Kits Seeded
    400,000 Impressions on Instagram Stories (as of 4.1)


    A key element to the launch of our campaign, was the ceremonious launch of our content by way of a total ‘hack’ of the @NikeLosAngeles feed. To the everyday consumer, the Instagram account had nothing but content tied to the D.O.U., giving the impression a total takeover had taken place.

    Through the days that followed, the narrative around Air Max Day and the Department of the Unimaginable continued to unravel through our content, influencer posts, and the YouTube hacks.



    As the Department began hunting for fresh staff, a different recruitment tactic emerged. We hacked into some of our favorite creator accounts, using a 30 second clip to catch the attention of audiences around the nation.

    172,000 Impressions / Views on YouTube (as of 4.1)