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Nike Air is driven by the belief that beyond the imagination lies something bigger – the Unimaginable. By spreading this concept of the Unimaginable, Air Max Day enabled Angelinos of all ages to experiment, participate, explore, and ultimately share their AIR us. The mission was simple and effective – the Department of Unimaginable challenges you to JUST GO BIGGER!

  • Department of Unimaginable Microsite

    Created and launched a website that served as the hub and connection point for consumers across our key cities to access information, view content, and register for On Air workshops throughout the campaign.

    41,000 Unique Visitors to Microsite
    8,300 People Clicked to “Get Your Pair Today”

  • Launched OOH Wheatpasting

    QR Code-enabled wheatpaste posters strategically placed in key Los Angeles neighborhoods drove traffic to LA Microsite to launch the campaign.


    Downtown LA
    West Hollywood
    Hollywood - 4 Walls
    Wilshire / La Brea Venice
    Culver City
    Century City / Westwood

  • Mobile Unit

    Hitting up all the local joints was the ‘Department 1’, a mobile van calling to mind the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, to spread Air-filled joy throughout the city. As the personal delivery vehicle for pre-seeded influencers, the ‘Department 1’ was a welcome physical and mobile presence for Air Max Day bringing Air Max energy across the city of LA.

  • Air Influencer Mobile Seeding

    With the Department of Unimaginable rolling into a new town, we needed new staff to spread the word. We engaged with over 20 Los Angeles-based thought leaders, founders, and creatives for a seeding campaign that would generate curiosity about the Department, and build hype for Air Max Day.

    30 Influencers Contacted
    25 Kits Seeded
    400,000 Impressions on Instagram Stories (as of 4.1)

  • Circa Boards

    Our Department of Unimaginable teaser content went live on the Circa Boards at Staples Center.

  • Department of Unimaginable Kids

    Through the Department of Unimaginable Pop up at Shoe Palace, Nike Kids had the chance to bring to life their Air Max dreams. With a chance to perform their own Air experience and design their own Air Max, the Young Athlete received their own custom experience in the big world of Air Max.

  • @Nikelosangeles Mysteriously Hacked

    We staged a hack of the @Nikelosangeles account to officially launch content from and by the Department of Unimaginable. The hack removed all previous content on the LA feed, only featuring 3 experiments centered on Air presumably leaked by the Department. To the unsuspecting consumer, the content suggested a complete takeover by the Department of Unimaginable.

    Through the following days, the narrative of Air Max Day and the Department of Unimaginable continued to leak via Influencer channels, and targeted Youtube Hacks.

    209,700 Impressions
    56,700 Instagram Story Views
    2,200 New Followers
    1,700 Members Engaged
    12-15% Increase in Profile Views

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 1.34.05 PM.png

    As the Department began hunting for fresh staff, a different recruitment tactic emerged. We hacked into some of our favorite creator accounts, using a 30 second clip to catch the attention of audiences around the nation.

    172,000 Impressions / Views on YouTube (as of 4.1)

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 9.25.08 PM.png
  • Department Orientation Video Launch

    57,000 Views of Video Content Cross Channel


    57,000 Views of Video Content Cross Channel

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 9.25.08 PM.png
  • NikePlus Members

    This Air Max season, we celebrated our most beloved sneaker-obsessed member base in Los Angeles, with our most valuable members powering the offense. We invited 629,350 audience of LA members via targeted communication and member unlocks in the Nike App – including segment of our most valuable 1300 “Air Lover” high value members. They received “First & Exclusive Access” and were “First to Know” for all Air activations in LA.

  • Give Fresh Air @ Undefeated

    Through a partnership with Undefeated, Nike took a new twist to elevating Air storytelling. Through the non-profit organization Hav-a-Sole, consumers came in to donate lightly worn / lightly loved to literally Give Fresh Air.

  • Nike Santa Monica

    Nike Santa Monica was elevated with an Air Fan Wall photo experience, as well as exclusive gift with purchase Air Fresheners.

  • Nike The Grove

    On Air Max Day, consumers were invited to Nike The Grove to participate in Air-inspired Carnival games for a chance to win exclusive prizes, including Airpod cases and Air Fresheners, and access to the DOU. Leading into the weekend, we also offered science experiment workshops for the chance to win Air Max 720s. Led by influencer and creative director, Toreno Winn, consumers put together Nike Air parachutes and were judged based off accuracy, floatation and creativity.

  • Air Max Day Celebration + Preview Night

    Powering the storytelling behind Air Max Day, the Department of Unimaginable kicked off with a media/influencer + friends and family night on 3.26. Driving energy throughout the weekend with the City of Air and Innovation of Air collections, NikePlus members were exclusively pre-invited to visit museum style and attend On Air workshops led by the likes of Dylan Raasch, quickly filling up days before the activations kicked off.

  • On Air Workshops

    Color + Material, Graphics + Print, Industrial Design. Photography workshop led by the best teaching the basics of shooting and editing campaign photography.

  • Nike x Revolve

    We showed up where she shops with our pop up at Revolve, featuring a curated space with colors in the Air Max 270, 720, 97, and Deluxe, and offered programming led by Nike Master Trainer Betina Gonzo.

  • UO x NIKE

    With festival-style inspired programming, the Urban Outfitters Marketplace featured Nike product that was both nostalgic and fresh to the consumer, featuring one-of-a-kind vintage Nike pieces and Air-inspired product.

  • Media + Engagement

    10.25M Earned Media Impressions (including social)

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 9.25.08 PM.png